The Risk List!

Photo Credit: Flickr User - Usonian

Photo Credit: Flickr User – Usonian

Where in the world are you?

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Behold, the “Official Risk List”

  1. Mick Dunn
  2. Mark Dobson
  3. James Evans
  4. Jason Barns
  5. Jessica Tudos
  6. Damien Gogoll
  7. Travis Clark
  8. Gines Satchithanandam
  9. Marty Grohman
  10. Georgia Pearson
  11. Sharn Crowley
  12. Damon Rogers
  13. Monique Toohey
  14. Tom Brudzinski
  15. Marie Louise Metres
  16. Bec Parsons
  17. Craig (From Maroopna) – What’s your last name Craig?
  18. Matt Strudwick
  19. Liz Dunn
  20. Simon Warne
  21. Kat Gerome
  22. Peter Huff
  23. Shane Isheve
  24. Jem Louise
  25. Katherine O’Shea
  26. Brad Smith
  27. Kylie Harker
  28. Nikki Saric
  29. Christie Jenkins
  30. Luke Callaway
  31. Melissa Douherty
  32. Kacia Satchithanandam
  33. Matt Riece
  34. Danny English
  35. Ray O’Shea
  36. Kirsty Underwood
  37. Joanne Dobson
  38. Jol
  39. Daniel B
  40. Belinda V
  41. Julia
  42. Bella N
  43. Lauren V
  44. Colin Dobson
  45. Trish Dobson
  46. Chris
  47. Cameron W
  48. Julie
  49. Kylie H
  50. Kim Burgess
  51. Katelyn M
  52. Jenna W
  53. Kate H
  54. Lauren
  55. Dianne
  56. Michael & Eimer
  57. Bronagh O
  58. Shelby P
  59. Mara Mc
  60. Emily W
  61. Joel F
  62. Lisa M
  63. Jack T
  64. Jane H
  65. Donna D
  66. Jess C

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(For the most part this list is the list we’re pretty sure about, so if you’re not seeing your name yet then get in contact so we know for sure to put your down!)

Welcome to the ever growing RF tribe!

Mick & Dobbo