#38 – Vulnerability Part 2

Episode #38 - Vulnerability Part 2

This week's show is part 2 of the vulnerability episode we had last week (you can checkout part 1 here). Please hold on, as part 2 is better than part 1 (Just like all the great duo's and trilogies!!) Of course, we all thought this conversation was a load of bullocks at the time, but as we've listened back we think maybe we hit the odd insight here and there! Hope you enjoy! … [Read more...]

#37 – Vulnerability Part 1

Vulnerability Part 1

This episode is a 2 part subject on the topic of vulnerability. ML joined us again to offer a bit more of an even take on this subject... And also because all three of us have done a fair bit of thinking on this subject. Not surprisingly, this topic is largely inspired or drawn from the challenging ideas and inspiring research done by Brene Brown. If you are not familiar with her work, you ought to check out two podcast interviews that have … [Read more...]