#40 – Relationships #2: Pushing Boundaries & Exploring Meaning

Episode #40 - Relationships: Pushing Boundaries & Exploring Meaning

In this episode, we're so pleased to introduce you to some friends of Dobbo, and new friends of the show Jess & Pete. Jess and Pete are in a long distance relationship, where Jess lives in Australia and Pete in the USA. While Pete was visiting Australia, Dobbo sat down with them both and the conversation that followed is really amazing. We're certain this episode will help you explore the meaning, boundaries and ideas of your own … [Read more...]

#39 – Relationships & The Stories We Tell Ourselves…

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In this episode Dobbo, Mick & ML talked about the very broad subject of relationships. But we doubled down on romantic relationships specifically, and discussed "the stories we tell oursevles" about them. What do we tell ourselves about; - Marriage - Making relationships work - Finding a soul mate - What a successful relationship is - Sacrifice And more specifically we explored what society has molded us to believe about … [Read more...]