#38 – Vulnerability Part 2

Episode #38 - Vulnerability Part 2

This week's show is part 2 of the vulnerability episode we had last week (you can checkout part 1 here). Please hold on, as part 2 is better than part 1 (Just like all the great duo's and trilogies!!) Of course, we all thought this conversation was a load of bullocks at the time, but as we've listened back we think maybe we hit the odd insight here and there! Hope you enjoy! … [Read more...]

#30 – Loneliness Part 2

Photo Credit - Flickr User "thewhitestdogalive"

This week, we're SO excited to have our guest and friend Mel on the show to join us and talk about a fairly big topic - "Loneliness". Last week we began an exploration of this topic, which we decided to make a 2 part series/episode since it's just so big. We sent out some questions to our subscribers (email subscribers via risking failure.com) and got some wonderful feedback, as well as some suggestions to help focus on two important … [Read more...]