#57 – Decision Fatigue; People Pleasing; Great Minds

In this episode, we covered multiple topics.

Starting with the issue of Decision Fatigue – specific to food. Mick shared a recent experiment regarding lunch time meals, and how the decision fatigue can be such a crippling issue when it comes to diet in particular. “I can never decide what to eat, so it becomes easy to eat crap”.

Then we shared a couple of quotes each to chew over.

The first quote relates to the issue of people pleasing.

The second quote relates to what a big name in history said about how to identify the difference between great minds and average minds… a little bit cheeky and presumptuous to talk about, but let’s face it. If you’re listening to the show, you probably fancy yourself as a “great mind”. So maybe this is your test!!


#56 – Telling the Truth

In this week’s episode we’re joined by our friend and guest Bronagh. Our topic was the subject of telling the truth, and the challenges of telling the truth – and whether it really sets you free.

We explored “little white lies” that we all tell, from time to time. “I’ll be there in 10 minutes”, “I got held up in a meeting”, “I had to stop in traffic” and all the other little things people use to make life go smoother, for the sake of not having to lay it all completely on the line.

So is it OK to tell a little lie every now and then – “Does this dress look OK?”, “Have you started that report?” if it helps somebody else’s day go a little better?

All this and more in this week’s episode.


#55 – Marriage & Partnership – The Quest for “The One”

This episode ties partly with an episode of the Tim Ferriss show that both of us listened to, and compared notes on afterwards.

Here’s a link to that episode if you wish to listen to it first


Of all the world views that we carry with us through the world, what we think about relationships and whether we are looking for “the one” is perhaps one of the most formative.

For some of us the quest becomes so focused, so important, so targeted or so significant that it can almost become our identity.. “Searching”.

So how do we know when we’ve found “The One”?

– The perfect life partner

– Perfect Job

– Perfect Friend

– Perfect Song

Or is there even a “singularity” we should be seeking?

What does a great relationship function like?

This was a long, intense conversation about all kinds of things.

Hope you grab something from it!

Mick & Dobbo

#54 – Tansel Ali PART 2: Balance & Taking Risks

In this PART 2 discussion with Australian Memory Champion Tansel Ali, we hit record after a couple minutes of finishing Part 1. As we began to debrief the actual episode and settle into a relaxing conversation, it got really interesting. So we hit record and captured it!

If you haven’t yet listened to Part 1, then don’t worry. You can listen to either one in either order.

Tansel is a three times Australian Memory Champion. He memorized the Sydney Yellow pages and is the author of the Yellow Elephant. And he’s an all round superstar bloke.

Hope you Enjoy!

#53 – Tansel Ali on Memory, Creativity & Social Norms

Our guest this week is Tansel Ali – 3x Australian Memory Champion, Author & Speaker/Consultant.

This is actually Part 1 of our chat with Tansel, so make sure you check out part 2 which gets really in-depth on other topics!

Tansel is often referred to and well known for memorizing the Sydney Yellow Pages, an exercise that systematically showed what the human brain is truly capable of.

We talked with Tansel about the strategies and approach he used to achieve what seems like the impossible. He shared his thoughts on how other people can learn to do the same thing, and the false assumptions we’re making about the capacity of our brains and our ability to learn.

Then we let the discussion unfold into some great explorations on creativity, social norms and more.

Thanks again to Tansel and we hope you enjoy this chat!

#52 – Second Guessing & Self Doubt

OK – So you’ve made a big decision… maybe it was one that shifted a lot of things in your life. A new job, a new business, a new circle of people, a new place to live.

In episode #50 we talked about “renovating your life” by making “disruptive” a decision (aka renovating your life.

If you listen back to episode #50 about “renovating your life”, then this one is kind of a follow-up to that episode where we explored making big decisions that make an impact on life’s course. What happens after you make the big decision? It’s not over is it?

#51 – Struggle

– How do we develop our capacity to endure struggle?
– Is “hope” really a function of struggle?
– Does perseverance come from struggle?
– What does it mean to endure long term, life changing struggle such as death, sickness, war and loss versus difficult times at work, financial challenges or learning a new skill? Is it all related?
– Why do we sometimes associate guilt with moving on from struggle?
– What is the difference between “mourning” and “struggle”?

All these and more questions were explored in this week’s episode of Risking Failure.

#49 – Stretching Yourself

This week, in follow up to our big live event and some space for thinking time, goal setting and re-assessment, we talked about the topic of “going big”. No it’s not a “Go Big or Go Home” discussion, it’s actually a self-reflective discussion on how big our thinking really is.

For instance – how do you assess whether your goals are just incremental vs making substantial changes? What’s the difference between “Increase my sales by 10%” and Steve Jobs sized thinking?

After listening to some big thinkers on this topic, we shared our thoughts about how we’re wresting with this.

Hope you enjoy!

#50 – Renovating Your Life

What does it take to REALLY change your patterns and habits of life? How do you really make a change in your relationships, your job, your business, your friendship circle, living situation?

Dobbo lead us into this topic with an interesting perspective from a time in life when he was in the middle of a major flooring and painting renovation that required him to move (and therefore “Sort” through) literally everything he owned.

So what would happen if we overhauled and re-assesed everything we think, feel or experience in particular aspects of our lives – much less our whole lives?

And how would you do this anyway?

Juicy stuff!!

#48 The LIVE EVENT!!

Finally! Our first LIVE EVENT!

Live Event - The Group!

(Firstly, sorry for the delay in uploading… Mick just had too much hammock time back home in Aus!)

On Feb 6th on a gorgeous Friday night, we gathered at Base Studio’s in South Melbourne to bring the podcast project to life! No more of this “living on the other side of the world” stuff, and “virtual conversations” – It was time to breath some life into this project!!

We were joined in the studio by Jack, Damien (Damo), Travis, James, Mick, Joanne, Bronagh & Dobbo and we had a rocking time!

The episode started by sharing some of the experiences of “showing up”, and just a little bit of feedback before we dug into some juicy stuff!

ENJOY and Thanks to the amazing group of folks that showed up. Can’t wait till the next one!