#28 Give Up or Keep Going?

Photo Credit - Flickr User Brady

Everyone says "Never Give Up" - but have you ever met someone that just won't give up on something that seems obviously doomed? When is it time to give up, and when is it time to keep going on projects, relationships, goals, artwork etc? The answers to these questions could save us time... sometimes years of our lives if we could get good at finding the right answer. How do you tell? … [Read more...]

#27 Think or Act?

Photo Credit - Flickr User Karola

(Photo Credit: Flickr User - Karola) How often do you feel guilty that you are thinking about things too much, and just need to get off your #$% and take action? This week we shared some experiences and thoughts on this subject. We explored the overlap of where thinking should turn into action, and moments where it's been smarter to take more time... (Don't forget to get in touch on Twitter!!!) - @RiskFailure   … [Read more...]

#26 Progress…

Photo Credit: Flickr User Cong

It's hard to not constantly compare ourselves to others, and wonder if we are making enough progress in life. But this obsession is such a stupid one when you stop and think about it. You CAN'T make outstanding progress raising 5 kids at home, while also being on an international speaking circuit for a book you just launched and a PhD you are completing... right? So why are we so bloody hard on ourselves? And why has human kind not been able … [Read more...]

#25 Leaps of Faith

Leap of Faith - Photo Credit: Flickr.com user - Terence S Jones

This week, Mick does a solo episode in short form to summarize a conversation we had last week on the topic of Leaps of Faith. What foundational beliefs do we carry around that impact our lifestyles and relationships, without having ever stopped to test and see if they are serving us? … [Read more...]

#24 Is my life on track?

Is my life on track? Episode #24 of Sustainacast - Photo Credit: Flickr User Alex Proimos

There's so much pressure to "be" someone, and to "be" that by a certain age or timeframe, and this creates a lot of anxiety and pressure in our lives - and for what reason? That was the subject this week as we discussed the problem that so many of us wrestle with. Have I found my calling yet? Am I doing the right things? Should I be married by now? Should I have kids by now? Is it too late to be what I want? Am I focused too much on career? Am … [Read more...]

#23 – Finding Your Passion #2

Workshop Questions - Finding your passion
Photo Credit: Ewan McIntosh

This week, we went through a live workshop where Mick was the guinea pig following through Dobbo's questions (from last week) with Dobbo acting as the guide. We hope you find this useful, and most importantly we hope you decide to do the exercise of answering these questions and considering them within your own life as well. … [Read more...]

#22 – Finding Your Passion

Workshop Questions - Finding your passion
Photo Credit: Ewan McIntosh

#22 Sort Out Your Life by Risking Failure This week, Dobbo ran solo on the show providing you a series of questions and ideas that might help you find your passion... workshop style. So get out your journal, notebook or moleskin and commit to working through these questions. We'll be discussing them in the next episode. … [Read more...]

#21 – Public Speaking

Ideas on public speaking - Getting ready for the soapbox.
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If this image sends chills down your spine, then maybe this latest episode could have some helpful information to help with when you next have to get in front of an audience. This is the first time (it feels like) we've done an episode where it was more of a "how to" than just a discussion. We talked about public speaking, the fear of public speaking and some strategies for making an impact in your next presentation. Hopefully you will get … [Read more...]

#20: Reflections on Dying

Death Explored - Photo Credit: Flickr User - Ias-Initially

Death is the one thing we all have in common, and yet it is a subject we talk about (really talk about) so rarely. This week we explored this subject, shared a few experiences and reflected on the ways we deal with our own mortality. SHOW NOTES: During the episode, we referred to two different sources of information that you can check out. PODCAST "OnBeing" - Episode: Contemplating … [Read more...]

#19: Fighting Addiction

Conquering Addiction from the Inside Out

Campbell Butterss talks about overcoming a struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, and how after numerous attempts he conquered it from the "Inside Out". Today he's building a brand helping share what he's learned. … [Read more...]