#39 – Relationships & The Stories We Tell Ourselves…

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In this episode Dobbo, Mick & ML talked about the very broad subject of relationships. But we doubled down on romantic relationships specifically, and discussed "the stories we tell oursevles" about them. What do we tell ourselves about; - Marriage - Making relationships work - Finding a soul mate - What a successful relationship is - Sacrifice And more specifically we explored what society has molded us to believe about … [Read more...]

#38 – Vulnerability Part 2

Episode #38 - Vulnerability Part 2

This week's show is part 2 of the vulnerability episode we had last week (you can checkout part 1 here). Please hold on, as part 2 is better than part 1 (Just like all the great duo's and trilogies!!) Of course, we all thought this conversation was a load of bullocks at the time, but as we've listened back we think maybe we hit the odd insight here and there! Hope you enjoy! … [Read more...]

#37 – Vulnerability Part 1

Vulnerability Part 1

This episode is a 2 part subject on the topic of vulnerability. ML joined us again to offer a bit more of an even take on this subject... And also because all three of us have done a fair bit of thinking on this subject. Not surprisingly, this topic is largely inspired or drawn from the challenging ideas and inspiring research done by Brene Brown. If you are not familiar with her work, you ought to check out two podcast interviews that have … [Read more...]

#36 – What are you not doing?

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Whether it is turning vegan, losing weight, waking up early, meditating, doing more art or just being more productive... We cover that stuff that you know how to do, or want to do - but you don't. So what are those things that you really like to do but just don't do it? … [Read more...]

#35 – Uncertainty…

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In this episode, we quite frankly covered a lot of ground. But the wide reaching conversation was generally tied together by the concept of uncertainty. Risk... Yes, but the ongoing uncertainty that we carry into almost every new and ongoing thing we do. … [Read more...]

#34 – Launching your F’ing Project!


Every week, either before or after we record an episode, it seems we spend a large amount of time talking about the projects we're working on, sharing notes and giving eachother strategies and ideas for moving forward. This week, we decided to just hit record... If you're working on something - new business, new product, new artwork, new idea, new music, new podcast... you'll most likely find some discussion points here you can relate to. … [Read more...]

#33 – Competing vs Comparison

Episode #33 - Risking Failure.com

This week, we talked about competition vs comparison. What's the difference? When are we competing and when are we comparing? Is one more healthy than the other? What do you think? How do you know if you're competing or comparing? … [Read more...]

#32 – Building Something Real

#32 - Building Something Real

In a short essay style episode, Dobbo shares some thoughts on how our delusions and conclusions of what we're ready for, capable of, deserving of - can have a significant impact on our ability to step into greatness. … [Read more...]

#31 – Kindness

Episode #31 (1)

What is it about some people that really gets on our nerves? Perhaps a better question to ask is, "What is going on for this person that makes them appear hostile, threatening, bullying, rude or impatient?" - This week we discussed "Kindness", and how compassion relates so heavily to our ability to genuinely express kindness. Subscribe to Risking Failure at www.riskingfailure.com … [Read more...]

#30 – Loneliness Part 2

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This week, we're SO excited to have our guest and friend Mel on the show to join us and talk about a fairly big topic - "Loneliness". Last week we began an exploration of this topic, which we decided to make a 2 part series/episode since it's just so big. We sent out some questions to our subscribers (email subscribers via risking failure.com) and got some wonderful feedback, as well as some suggestions to help focus on two important … [Read more...]