#49 – Stretching Yourself


This week, in follow up to our big live event and some space for thinking time, goal setting and re-assessment, we talked about the topic of “going big”. No it’s not a “Go Big or Go Home” discussion, it’s actually a self-reflective discussion on how big our thinking really is. For instance – how do you assess whether your goals are just incremental vs making substantial changes? What’s the difference between “Increase my sales by 10%” and … [Read more...]

#48 The LIVE EVENT!!


Finally! Our first LIVE EVENT! (Firstly, sorry for the delay in uploading... Mick just had too much hammock time back home in Aus!) On Feb 6th on a gorgeous Friday night, we gathered at Base Studio's in South Melbourne to bring the podcast project to life! No more of this "living on the other side of the world" stuff, and "virtual conversations" - It was time to breath some life into this project!! We were joined in the studio by … [Read more...]

#47 The Fear of “Against the Grain”

The Fear of Against the Grain

ANNOUNCEMENT!: If you are accessing this episode in real time (Jan 2015), then we'd LOVE to see you at our first live event on Friday February 6th 2015 at 7pm. The event is at "The Base Studio's" at 7 Yarra Place, South Melbourne Victoria 3205 (www.thebase.com.au) - There will be some drinks/socializing in the lounge area, a bit of a live episode recording to sit in on, and some dinner plans to follow at a nearby restaurant. This week, we had … [Read more...]

#46 Fun…

Photo Credit - JohnBullas

ANNOUNCEMENT - If you're downloading before Feb 2015, then save the date on Friday February 6th for our exciting first Risking Failure Event! It will be hosted in Port Melbourne at 7pm, with venue currently being finalized. PLEASE LET US KNOW YOU ARE COMING so we can make sure we pick the right venue.. This week - We just had a bit of fun. Seriously - (Well, not seriously) we explored the subject of having fun in life and the workplace, and … [Read more...]

#45 – Listening

Risking Failure Podcast Episode #45: Listening

ANNOUNCEMENT!! We have our first event coming up on FRIDAY FEB 6th!! (We know - We did first talk about Feb 7th, and even announced it as Feb 7th a short time ago, but we've had to change it due to circumstances beyond control.) - WE NEED YOUR HELP! Let us know if you're coming so we have head count and can decide on the final venue. The location will be in Port Melbourne, Victoria though! ALSO - We realized that the file uploaded for this … [Read more...]

#44 – Christmas & End of Year Reflection

Photo Credit - Flickr User "Franked"

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and THANK YOU for being a part of this project in 2014! It's been our first full calendar year, so in this episode we revisited an earlier episode about "Goals", last years "New Year Plans" and more... If you've been following along, then much of this will make sense as we reflect back to that episode where we talked about our plans for the year. How was your year? We hope it was grand, and … [Read more...]

#43 – Quitting

Episode #43 - Quitting: Background Image By Flickr  User "Aparejador"

How do you know when you should quit, when you should already have quit and at what point to quit something in the future? This week, we talked about the fear of doing something (for years) that was destined for "average", and the fear of wasting away a decade or more of your life working hard at something you should have given up long ago... Ever have that feeling? … [Read more...]

#42: Angst & Experiencing Failure In Advance

Angst & Experiencing Failure In Advance - Background Photo Credit: Flickr User Domiriel

In this week's conversation, we explored a topic that quite honestly should have come up a LOT earlier! The angst we carry through almost every moment of our day is not only crippling at times, but can often feel "lame" that we have the feeling in the first place. Could this be an experience that EVERY human being is constantly managing at some level, but without talking about it? What do you think? … [Read more...]

#41 – Stretched Thin: Outsourcing, Consistency & Saying No

Episode #41 - Stretched Thin: Photo Credit - flickr user George Hatcher

In this week's show, Dobbo "had a little chat" with Mick about how the fixed and consistent weekly upload pattern has dropped off? Why? What's been going on? Is Risking Failure dropping in priority? We talked about what might seem like the topic of "overwhelm" which we've covered before - but it was actually more about how we deal with having many things to do, how things suffer and whether that's an issue or not. In addition to all this, … [Read more...]

#40 – Relationships #2: Pushing Boundaries & Exploring Meaning

Episode #40 - Relationships: Pushing Boundaries & Exploring Meaning

In this episode, we're so pleased to introduce you to some friends of Dobbo, and new friends of the show Jess & Pete. Jess and Pete are in a long distance relationship, where Jess lives in Australia and Pete in the USA. While Pete was visiting Australia, Dobbo sat down with them both and the conversation that followed is really amazing. We're certain this episode will help you explore the meaning, boundaries and ideas of your own … [Read more...]