The Risk List!

Photo Credit: Flickr User - Usonian

Where in the world are you? If you haven't received an official "Risking Failure" listener number (Listen to episode #11 Kicked in the Guts), then drop us a line by either subscribing, emailing, voice-mailing (side tab on website) or connect with us on facebook. Your listener number will stay with you for the life of this community! Behold, the "Official Risk List" Mick Dunn Mark Dobson James Evans Jason Barns Jessica … [Read more...]

A different way to “NekNominate”…

A New Way to NekNominate

After this guy's friend skulled a beer on facebook and "neknominated" him to be the next in line to do the same, here's how he responded... Only yesterday I read an article in the Herald Sun about how this craze of "neknomination" must stop... The editorial writer was absolutely crushed with negative comments. Conclusion - The only way to change a social phenomenon that has negative outcomes it is to start something positive that's even … [Read more...]

Anxiety of getting started…


Starting something new is not always easy. In my experience, the things that are mentally or emotionally hard to start are often the things that carry risk and uncertainty. Doing your taxes can be a good example. For me, it's less about the work and more about the fear of having to dig back into the entire financial year and the worry that I might find something that's not right, a tax obligation I didn't meet, or worst of all a whopping tax … [Read more...]

Giving the gift and receiving the gift…

Sending the right message? - Photo Credit user: Be Extreme

If you’re handing out t-shirts that you’ve designed, then you’ll likely realize there’s different ways that people will respond to your gift, mostly depending on what’s printed on the t-shirt. Some people will wear it straight away, because they love you and value your opinion and work. It may fit perfectly and they’ll love it... As long as nothing changes (ie. their experience of life while wearing the shirt!!). Another kind of person will … [Read more...]