Image: Workspace in File Magazine - Photo by Flickr User Joe Holmes
Image: Workspace in File Magazine – Photo by Flickr User Joe Holmes

Starting something new is not always easy.

In my experience, the things that are mentally or emotionally hard to start are often the things that carry risk and uncertainty.

Doing your taxes can be a good example. For me, it’s less about the work and more about the fear of having to dig back into the entire financial year and the worry that I might find something that’s not right, a tax obligation I didn’t meet, or worst of all a whopping tax bill that I wasn’t planning… Which gets me off thinking about audits and whether I’ve kept all the paperwork I need etc. etc.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of courage to do your taxes, but there’s most certainly a level of anxiety involved.When we’re risking failure in a project or idea we’re engaged in, it can feel much the same. There’s anxiety on all kinds of levels, most notably the fear of being discovered that you’ve failed at something and need to correct it… No news, is good news.

If you’re paying attention to anxiety when it comes up – you might start to see that there’s a huge correlation between anxiety and “starting something”.

When the gun goes off and the race starts, the anxiety can seem like a distant memory.

In this context, Anxiety is energy converted into adrenalin and then forward motion. The moment of transition seems to feel like a haze…

If you have anxiety, maybe it’s your time to start something… If on the other hand you are not anxious or afraid about your new project or adventure, then it might be the wrong one…