It’s a wrap folks – 2015 is done and Chrissy & Holiday are here!

How was your year? If the thoughts of more goals, achievement, success/failure and peak performance stuff at year end turns you off, then you’ll love this episode coz it really doesn’t have any of that stuff.

In this episode we have a little fun with the christmas festivities, before launching into a bit of a “how did you think your year went” discussion

We discussed;

  • How do you know if you had a good year anyway?
  • What indicators do you look of to show you had a good year?
  • Are this indicators even serving us?
  • Are they even realistic?
  • What would you try to do less of next year?
  • What exhausted you this year, that you want to be done with?

We wrapped up talking about a few fairly well thought out ideas on what we’d like to be able to move toward (or away from) in 2016.

Enjoy your family and friends!

Mick & Dobbo