So the project that we’re working on here at Risking Failure is going to begin to take a very slightly different path. The idea remains the same, but we’re going to try out a slightly new approach that involves you the listener, and knowing about topics a little in advance of each episode… More about it in this episode!

In this episode we explored what we labeled as “mental fitness” and what seems like a fairly natural tendency for us to think and feel that we are working harder at this thing called “personal growth” than others around us, even though we know that it’s not necessarily the case.

Think of the topic of religion, and how it seems entirely normal that one person of faith may look at their peers and sometimes even their leaders and think “they’re not as religious, spiritual, disciplined, connected, prayerful (fill in the blank….) as I am.”

Is it possible that this same style of thinking applies to just about all facets of life, in particular personal growth and mental fitness?

Listen-in to explore!!