Finally! Our first LIVE EVENT!

Live Event - The Group!

(Firstly, sorry for the delay in uploading… Mick just had too much hammock time back home in Aus!)

On Feb 6th on a gorgeous Friday night, we gathered at Base Studio’s in South Melbourne to bring the podcast project to life! No more of this “living on the other side of the world” stuff, and “virtual conversations” – It was time to breath some life into this project!!

We were joined in the studio by Jack, Damien (Damo), Travis, James, Mick, Joanne, Bronagh & Dobbo and we had a rocking time!

The episode started by sharing some of the experiences of “showing up”, and just a little bit of feedback before we dug into some juicy stuff!

ENJOY and Thanks to the amazing group of folks that showed up. Can’t wait till the next one!