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This week, we had a friend with a fascinating story of what it means to pursue a life-long ambition at a time that might seem either “too late”, “wrong age”, “wrong circumstance” or “against popular belief”.

Our friend Jane has a wonderfully heartwarming, yet inspiring story to tell. We are sure that you will grab something significant from this, no matter what stage in life you are.

Thanks again to Jane – Enjoy!

Mick & DOB


Incredible courage by Jane to share her story. Thank-you! What I found interesting is that the focus was on our generation's experience, either as a parent or an adult considering the concept of parenting, or our own status & season in life whatever that may be - single, heterosexual, homosexual, married, etc. in regards to our own needs, rather than the needs & experience of the child in these scenarios. Obviously new concepts such as IVF are relatively new to our world over the past 10years, as is Jane's scenario and many other forms of parenting outside the nuclear family. At this stage the children as all still children. I'll be really interested to hear from the children when they reach adulthood of their experience of being brought up in alternative family arrangement, and how this did or did not effect their growth into adulthood & their identity, especially in relation to their masculinity/femininity. Thanks for sharing the story. I love when the podcasts cause us to challenge or think about our own opinion on such issues or what we would do if put in the same scenario!