ANNOUNCEMENT!! We have our first event coming up on FRIDAY FEB 6th!! (We know – We did first talk about Feb 7th, and even announced it as Feb 7th a short time ago, but we’ve had to change it due to circumstances beyond control.) – WE NEED YOUR HELP! Let us know if you’re coming so we have head count and can decide on the final venue. The location will be in Port Melbourne, Victoria though!

ALSO – We realized that the file uploaded for this episode last week got botched somehow, so we’ve re-uploaded. Sorry if you missed the whole thing the first time.


How much do you REALLY listen in a conversation? Especially with people you are close to? LISTEN-IN this week as we discuss just that!

We talked about more than just the perceived importance of listening, but dug deep into what actually goes on in our minds when we’re in an intense conversation. We’re so busy forming our thoughts for what we’re going to say next, that we don’t hear what’s being said.

So what are we missing out on? Are we mis-understanding people because we’re not listening? How far does this really go, and should we be trying to fix it?