#67 – Writing, Tidying & What Brings Joy

Looking back to 2015 – It’s hard to believe we recorded this given that the “Kondo” method exploded across the world to the point of becoming slightly annoying! But let’s just say we caught on to the craze a lot earlier than when it really hit the tipping point!!

Time to think, consider, ponder and re-assess…

New year is well over, the year is supposed to be in swing – but we’ve both been thinking a lot these first couple months about small things, little habits that could make a difference.

This episode is largely about the little things…

You may have heard a recent episode where Dobbo talked about “The Art of Tidying”, and we explored this a little further with some shared experience on how we’ve both been going about it all wrong – and how important one simple question is when it comes to simplifying life…


#66 – Themes v Goals

In this episode we re-visit our year end conversation about… well “Year End & Year Beginning”. Rather than talk about goals and things we want to achieve, we’ve soaked into some ideas about what kind of themes we’d like to revisit or come back to and explore this year.

The idea is that we’re going to test out re-visiting this list of themes each quarter. Listen in to get the whole list, but they include things like “Simplifying”, “Writing”, “Working on Anxiety/Worry” and more.

We hope you can relate to some of these themes, and decide to follow along for the ride this year!

Mick & Dobbo

#65 – You’re not supposed to talk about that…

In this episode, we chatted about a bunch of things that sometimes society considers to be “taboo”.

We started in talking about social media and some observations on balancing the life we actually live, and the “online life” that provides feedback on our lived experience in a way that’s not always helpful or even wanted!

But the meat of this week’s chat was about “Taboo” topics.

First, check out the TED Talk – Taboos About Parenting (CLICK TO LINK) or of course just check it out later. It’s not “Required reading”, but it is really thought provoking.

Listen in and hopefully you’ll think of some “Taboo” topics of your own… love to hear them – message us at mick@riskingfailure.com or dobbo@riskingfailure.com


#64 – Merry Christmas – How was your year!


It’s a wrap folks – 2015 is done and Chrissy & Holiday are here!

How was your year? If the thoughts of more goals, achievement, success/failure and peak performance stuff at year end turns you off, then you’ll love this episode coz it really doesn’t have any of that stuff.

In this episode we have a little fun with the christmas festivities, before launching into a bit of a “how did you think your year went” discussion

We discussed;

  • How do you know if you had a good year anyway?
  • What indicators do you look of to show you had a good year?
  • Are this indicators even serving us?
  • Are they even realistic?
  • What would you try to do less of next year?
  • What exhausted you this year, that you want to be done with?

We wrapped up talking about a few fairly well thought out ideas on what we’d like to be able to move toward (or away from) in 2016.

Enjoy your family and friends!

Mick & Dobbo

#63 – Colin Dobson PART 2 – Memories, Sentiment & Stupid New Age Stuff.

In part 2 of our conversation with Colin Dobson (Dobbo’s Dad), we dig deep into discussions on memories, sentiment and dive into a bit of “new age bullshit” as we test the boundaries of generation to generation!

#62 – Colin Dobson (Dobbo’s Dad) PART 1 – Marriage, Relationships & Generation Gaps

So happy to introduce our amazing guest this week, whom without this podcast would not be possible – literally.

Mr Colin Dobson is Dobbo’s Dad and is our wise master for two amazing episodes of Risking Failure.

We cover a lot of ground here folks, and Colin’s insights and wisdom gives a perspective from the generation above, that has been a gap in our project until now!

Enjoy Part 1, with Part 2 to follow!!

Cheers from Mick, Dobbo & Colin!!

#61 – The Alchemist, Awareness & Timeless Wisdom

In this episode, we listened back to a podcast discussion from one of our favorite shows On-Being, featuring guest Paulo Coelho, the author of the Alchemist.

You can check out the conversation from August 14, 2014 with Krista Tippett (host of OnBeing) right here. It’s called “The Alchemy of Pilgrimage”.

We reflected on the fact that we’d both listened to this conversation before, but thought it was the kind that’s worth re-visiting, comparing notes and sharing what we took away from it last time, vs this time.

It’s always interesting how you hear new things whenever you listen to, read, hear or watch something timeless again.

What are your thoughts? Post a comment below, we’d love to hear what you took away from either our conversation, or the podcast episode we discussed.

#60 – The Gift of Failure

In this episode, we discussed an episode of The Good Life Project with Jonathan Fields, specific to a discussion with Jessica Lahey, author of “The Gift of Failure”.

This episode on The Good Life Project was hosted on August 10th, 2015 and can be found RIGHT HERE

What happens when parents (or teachers or coaches, family members, friends etc.) start to step into the world of their children and try to “do things for them” to help take the pressure off. For example, what if a parent consistently gets involved in doing the homework, art or science projects for their kids to help them get better grades, or to reduce their stress.

This problem is an increasing one, and Jessica Lahey has written a very intriguing book on the subject. It was a very thought provoking episode of The Good Life Project that we hope you decide to check out, and join us either before or after to chew on this topic a little more.

HEY YOU: You DON’T have to be a parent or teacher to get into this discussion… it relates to every single one of us at some level. And if you have kids, or are a teacher – this is a really important concept to get your head around!

Hope your week is grand, and thanks for listening!

Photo Credit: Hanz Gerwitz – Flickr.com – Creative Commons

#59 – Networking

This week, we talked about a podcast episode from the Tim Ferriss show from August 26th 2015 called “How to Build a World Class Network”.

Now listen up – this is a new avenue that we’re starting to play with on the show. It’s kind of like a podcasting book club.

Each week, we’ll be picking an episode (At the end) that we (& you!) will go listen to before the next show. Then we’ll chat about it and pull apart some of the ideas.

We’re interested to see how this helps involve you our community, and we hope you decide to play along!

Thanks for listening!

Mick & Dobbo

#58 – Mental Fitness & Mentors

So the project that we’re working on here at Risking Failure is going to begin to take a very slightly different path. The idea remains the same, but we’re going to try out a slightly new approach that involves you the listener, and knowing about topics a little in advance of each episode… More about it in this episode!

In this episode we explored what we labeled as “mental fitness” and what seems like a fairly natural tendency for us to think and feel that we are working harder at this thing called “personal growth” than others around us, even though we know that it’s not necessarily the case.

Think of the topic of religion, and how it seems entirely normal that one person of faith may look at their peers and sometimes even their leaders and think “they’re not as religious, spiritual, disciplined, connected, prayerful (fill in the blank….) as I am.”

Is it possible that this same style of thinking applies to just about all facets of life, in particular personal growth and mental fitness?

Listen-in to explore!!